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Victorian Rose Weddings

Victorian Rose Cottages - Your Wedding Destination

Victorian Rose “Whimsical and Magical” The Special Day


Victorian Rose welcomes “bride and grooms”!
Let us make your dream day come alive at Victorian Rose, while your guests and your wedding party celebrate through picture taking and a magical celebration. Let us plan your wedding day.

We offer three different Styles of Weddingswedding-3.jpg

“Hopes and Dreams”

Up to 15 persons
An Afternoon Tea Dress elegantly but simply.
Suggestion: you may also want to try a costume tea party where you and your guests wear the prettiest, laciest, oldest fashioned dresses you own. Guests may wear hats but the hostess may not.


“Fairy Tales Come True”

Up to 30 persons.
Decorate the tables with flowers candles lace....use your prettiest daintiest napkins. Polished to perfection, your table should be a feast for the eye.



“Happily Ever After”

Up to 45 persons.
Fills the evening with magical twinkle lights, serenades with the soft sound of music and laughter of guests, and lets your dreams take hold in whatever season you wish.


There is no season such delight can bring
As summer, autumn, winter and spring

-William Brown